Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New in Amsterdam: Foodmarkt

Foodmarkt opened its doors at november 26. Just around the corner from where i work, so time to check it out. Me and my colleagues Mandy Fisher and Joyce Boekholt went for a walk and did some groceries.

Today was the grand opening with a lot of direction signs, balloons and traffic. The interior of the Foodmarkt looked really trendy. Sortof organic-look. Foodmarkt is actually just a regular JUMBO supermarket but bigger. They have a restaurant in it and several stands with freshly baked and prepared food such as sushi, pizza's, an asian wok and sandwiches. They have fish market, bakery, cheese stand, butcher, fruit and vegetables stand and a meat stand. You can also buy a lot of organic food and do you normal food and non food groceries.

Foodmarkt is opened all week. Check their website for more details