Sunday, February 22, 2015

Floor plan Soutmanstraat

I made this floor plan because we needed to improve our home.
Ground floor.

We hired a guy to do the bath room so i decided to draw a floor plan for him so he knew what to do. It 's a small bath room so every cm counts.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

CrossFit WOD Warriors

Since a couple of month am i doing CrossFit. It really fun. We have now even a competition with teams at CrossFit Haarlem so i decided our team needs a logo and a t-shirt. 

T-shirt design. Soon to be posted.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mijn Oranje WK 2010

Mijn Oranje WK 2010
Unfortunately this magazine didn't get published, but i still want to show you a couple of pages as it was in an early design fase.

Sky Radio Group Luistercijfer Update

Luistercijfer Update 01(2)-2011

Luistercijfer Update 01-2011

Luistercijfer Update 12-2010

This B-to-B magazine is a monthly edition.


DTP stands for Desk Top Publishing. You can also call it Pre Press.
After the design is done, its production time! I also have to make sure the documents are ready to press: Use the right printing profile, colors in CMYK or PMS, images must be high res and make sure to use registration marks.

Here is some DTP is use to do:
- magazines
- newspapers
- inserts and outserts
- POS material

Lady Dandelion - Funambulism (album 2014)

Yes! Lady Dandelions first album 'Funambulism' is done. 
Vinyl album release is January 28 2015 in Paradiso.

Album available in stores, iTunes and Spotify

Artwork for a linen bag. big enough for a 12 inch record to fit in.

Album release poster

Regular Album poster

Album digipack with booklet inside

Monday, January 19, 2015

I designed a logo, business card, writing paper, envelope and a survey map